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Blaktinx dance festival phoenix 2020

BlakTinx Dance Festival presents sELECTION, 17 artists expressing their views about race, culture and current events in short films they have individually created about the last six months. In this year's 2020 virtual production, we have asked all past Blaktinx contributors to participate in this show. With sELECTION our community looks to shine a light on the importance of voting and encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote. 


The artists featured this year include:

Emigdio Arredondo, Shaniece Brazwell, Erik Canales, Angel Castro,

Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro, Felix Cruz, Malikah Fernandez,

Anthony James Kelly, Zarina Mendoza, Reyna Montoya, Ruby Morales, Alexander Patrick, Angelina Ramirez, Elisa Marie Reed,

Joan Rodriguez and Hannah Victoria 

BlakTinx Dance Festival presents sELECTION

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