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BlakTinx Dance Festival Los Angeles

In 2023, the LA BlakTinx Dance Festival reached a significant milestone, commemorating a decade of amplifying the voices of Black and Latinx choreographers with our producing partner Bootleg Theater. Our ten-year anniversary marked a spirited celebration, building upon prior successes by deepening connections within the vibrant Leimert community for the second consecutive year. Collaborating closely with local artists, esteemed studios, visionary entrepreneurs, and LA's dance innovators, we orchestrated an immensely successful BKTX LA at the historic heart of Leimert Park. This year's Leimert choreographers included DaanseKou Cultural Arts Collective and J'Nelle & Luckie from Old School Skinny Studio. The curated choreographers were Nadia Calmet, Victoria Villamil, Shantel Ureña & G'bari Gilliam, Ysaÿe Alma, Mari Maria, Angel Castro, Edgar Aguirre, Aisha Bardge & Stephen Tanner, and Diana Toledo. Additionally, we collaborated with many organizations for the Leimert Women's Herstory Brunch, featuring Heather Hutt, Councilwoman District 10, Queen Amina, Barbara Morrison, Tiffany Prophete, Sharon Norwood-Williams, and Marlene Sinclair-Beckford. The event recognized, honored, and celebrated women history-makers of Leimert Park.

This vibrant event unified diverse creative voices, solidifying our commitment to a thriving dance community in the historic Leimert district. Additionally, the festival celebrated an extraordinary year, showcasing outstanding talent and community engagement. This concert was made possible through the generous support of the LA Department of Cultural Affairs and the LA County Arts & Culture, providing free admission to attendees.


10 Years of Brilliant Fusion! 

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