For 2019, Blaktinx enters its 3rd season in Phoenix where we continue the mission of  amplifying the work of Black and Latinx choreographers.

Under the direction of artist, Liliana Gomez, BlakTinx has flourished and has been a sold out success for the past two years. For 2019 we will open the application to residents beyond the Phoenix area to connect with more communities. Along with offering community dance classes that will be open to the public 


BlakTinx Dance Festival Phoenix 2017 and 2018 was partially funded by a festival grant given by The Arizona Commission on the Arts.

BlakTinx would like to thank and acknowledge the growing network of 

choreographers that have thrilled and challenged our audiences with their original works, they are;


RaShawn Hart

Sydney Jackson &

Reyna Montoya

Anthony James Kelly

Taimy Miranda &

Joan Rodriguez

Ruby Morales

Alexander Patrick 

Elisa Marie Reed



California Artist: 

Aisha Badge & Stephen Tanner

Alvin Rangel

Michelle Funderburk

Alfonso Cervera

Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier 

Irvin Gonzalez 

Patty Huerta of Primera Generación Dance 

Ashley Baker 

Erik Canales 

Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro, Sydney Jackson

Jenny Gerena

Angel Castro

Felix Cruz

Malikah Fernandez 

Jenny Gerena


BlakTinx Two

blaktinx one

recognition and reviews

BlakTinx Phoenix has received much recognition and reviews by local and state wide publications; Phoenix Dance Observer, Phoenix New Times and Java Magazine Phx. 

"....choreographers exploring the universal human experience and the complexities of life, punctuating the rich contributions that creatives of color make to the Phoenix arts landscape." Lynn Trimble, Phoenix NewTimes

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Photographers: Audrey Pekela and Eduardo Robles

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