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The BlakTinx Dance Festival gives Latinx and Black choreographers an opportunity to celebrate and share their unique and important voices. Premiering in 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. liliana Gomez &Licia Perea, Latina Dance Project founding member, produced the BlakTinx Dance Festival. 

The BlakTinx Dance Festival phoenix




"The spark and a big energy force behind bringing BlakTina to Phoenix came from the combination of Perea’s vision with an invitation from choreographer and community dance event producer Liliana Gomez. Some time ago, Gomez watched a video of original dance performances from the 2015 BlakTina festival in Tucson. She was deeply inspired and dreamed of bringing BlakTina to Phoenix. Gomez reached out to Perea, and through an initial phone call they shared their own backstories and discovered that they have a lot in common. When Gomez pitched the idea to Perea to bring the festival to Phoenix, Perea agreed"


Java magazine



"....choreographers exploring the universal human experience and the complexities of life, punctuating the rich contributions that creatives of color make to the Phoenix arts landscape."

Lynn Trimble, Phoenix NewTimes

Read below press stories and reviews of our important festival

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Reflections on BlakTina

by Dr. Tamika Sanders

Phoenix dance OBSERVER for nuebox

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