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BlakTinx Dance Festival PHOENIX 2024 

Stay Tuned for announcement!  The event will take place at Herberger Theater Center's KAX Stage from August 23rd to August 25th, 2024. 

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2024 adjudicators

Meet our adjudicators:  Alexander Patrick-Rolando, Candy Jimenez, Renee Davis, and Carla & David Olarte. We're thrilled to announce that past choreographers from last year's show will serve as adjudicators for the second year. These seasoned participants will curate the upcoming show based on their invaluable past experiences. Get ready for an electrifying lineup curated by our very own alumni!  

Application tips

Here are a few pointers we call "ProTips" to assist you in crafting a strong application. Our aim is to streamline the process, ensuring each submission reflects your vision and resonates with our adjudicators. We strive to foster a welcoming environment where artists can confidently share their creativity, knowing their submissions are received with care and consideration.

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Read Application 

Familiarize yourself with the application criteria and guidelines before beginning your submission. Understanding what is required will help you craft a compelling application that effectively showcases your work. With competition being high, knowing precisely what the adjudicators are looking for will enable you to tailor your responses strategically, maximizing your chances of selection.


good Video! 

Your rehearsal video is a crucial component of your application. It provides adjudicators with a glimpse into your choreographic vision and the quality of your work. Make sure the video is clear, well-lit, and showcases your dance piece effectively. Pay attention to details such as camera angles, framing, and sound quality. A high-quality video will enhance your presentation and give you the best chance of impressing the adjudicators.


Writing About Your Work

Approach your description with a conversational tone, focusing on answering key questions rather than feeling like you're applying for a grant. Dive into details about your work, such as the number of dancers, costume design, and overall aesthetic. Share the name and style of the music and explore the inspiration behind your choreography, articulating the meaning. This freestyle approach allows adjudicators to connect with your piece authentically, fostering a deeper appreciation of its artistic significance.

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