Blaktinx dance festival phoenix 2020

BlakTinx Dance Festival presents sELECTION, 17 artists expressing their views about race, culture and current events in short films they have individually created about the last six months. In this year's 2020 virtual production, we have asked all past Blaktinx contributors to participate in this show. With sELECTION our community looks to shine a light on the importance of voting and encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote. 


The artists featured this year include:

Emigdio Arredondo, Shaniece Brazwell, Erik Canales, Angel Castro,

Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro, Felix Cruz, Malikah Fernandez,

Anthony James Kelly, Zarina Mendoza, Reyna Montoya, Ruby Morales,

Kyara Nycole, Alexander Patrick, Angelina Ramirez, Elisa Marie Reed,

Joan Rodriguez and Hannah Victoria 

BlakTinx Dance Festival presents sELECTION



No (CAP)tion  

by Anthony James Kelly (AKELLZ)

Music: “First date” by Lapti 

Filmed and Edited by Anthony James Kelly (AKELLZ)


My crime

by Alexander Patrick

Videographer:  Dominque Bailey 

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.” ― Charles-Louis de Secondat



by Zarina Mendoza

Videographer: Norberto Ballesteros

PENURIA attempts to display an insight into the constant struggle resulted from social neglect and selfishness.In a time where we are deprived of physical contact and transit, we are forced to adapt and explore new ways to feel connected.


El Encuentro

by Angel Castro

Performers: Angel Castro and Jonathan Ramirez

Costumes: Knight x Seoul

El Encuentro is a short film exploring a conversation with self regarding the moment we encounter our true identities in this intersectional human existence. It challenges our preconceived notions of masculinity and is a commentary on our experiences as Men as we explore gender and sexual identity in the Latinx community. It is an excerpt of a full length film entitled "Letters To June".


Old Song, New Movement

by Angelina Ramirez

Flamenco Singer: Vicente Griego

Video: Albert Rosales 


Coyote Culver

Nopal Gallery :

Albert Rosales :

Nicolas Sucre :

Restless Blood

by Ruby Morales

Film, editing & poem by Ruby Morales

“Strength, love, power and ancestral knowledge will carry us through the emotional trumil and revolutionary uprising of our time”

i want the mirror, you, and the camera

by félix cruz and nikolai mckenzie ben rema 

Music: silencio by ibrahim ferrer + omara portuondo


Since its inception in 2015, cruz control collective explores how popular culture

influences the embodiment of identity through collaboration, discourse, and lived-experiences.


From the Plenty Cup

by: Hannah Victoria

In collaboration with Coley Curry


From the Plenty Cup is a lullaby and prayer for brown babies that grow up into Black women. May we know peace, know safety, and know joy.



By Erik Canales 

Videographer: Xavier Brown 

Performer: Xavier Brown

We hear only our voices, still echoes returning to our emptiness 


Sobre Vida

by Joan Rodriguez

Choreographer & Performer: Katie Garcia

Directed & Composed by Joan Rodriguez

Photographer: Andy Santana


“La bendición de encontrar eso que te impulsa a querer compartir un mensaje mas de amor y humanidad. La gente que te ama y que haciéndolo te acompañan y ayudan a llevar ese mensaje. El chance de poder dar un poco de todas esas cosas buenas en regreso, agradeciendo el estar vivo y contribuyendo a la lucha para lograr que todos gocemos de las mismas oportunidades. De eso se trata, eso hacemos...“ This work was born from the inspiration of my fiance, Katie Garcia, and her way of seeing and walking through my life (social distance required).


by Malikah Fernandez

Music: Movements by Leon Vynehall


We are living in a cycle of entrapment. Ascending beyond the barriers is how we transcend.


November to December

by Kyara Nycole

Music: Wild is the Wind by Cat Powers


“The hardest months.”


An excerpt by Elisa Reed in collaboration with the dancers. 

Performers: Hannah Victoria Thomas and Tiffany Velasquez

Director and Concept: Elisa Reed

Videographer & Editor: Coley Curry

Costumes: Leonor Aispuro

Music: Puddle of Infinity

Production Assistant: Tawny Hyster

Work Created through nueBOX Studio Lab Residency


"Understanding the violence of erasure is traumatizing, but the juxtaposition of resilience and self love is tragically beautiful. After moments of pain comes healing. We each have a choice of how we want to grow in the process. What will you plant in your garden?"

Estudio Esencial de Identidad No. 1 20

an excerpt by Emigdio Arredondo Martínez

Performers: Emigdio Arredondo & Lily Cong 

Speaking Voices: Chimamanda Gnozi Adichie & Huanani Kay Trask 


This is a short excerpt from a longer film project I am working on. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mitigation plans from my school (UA School of Dance), I will not be able to present my work in a LIVE concert dance performance setting. Instead,  I will be directing and producing a film, which will be my last attempt (as a current student) to challenge my school and the university. I believe it is important for the young artists that have surrounded me for the past four and a half years to become aware of the inequalities and injustices that surround them.


Their Name has Power

by Shaniece Brazwell

Video Edited by: Shaniece Brazwell

Videographer: Kammie Caufield 

Song: Tamborzão

Artist: Sango



by Alicia Nascimento Castro

Performers: Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro and Alexander Patrick

Film production and editing: Angel Castro

Music: “Semolina” Slow Meadow

(Video Edition is section one of a larger work) 


Who is breathing easy right now? In the midst of a pandemic and with the continued disregard of black bodies, this work explores two artists searching for healing and connection

Vote for Freedom

by Reyna Montoya and Aliento Arizona 

Producer: Daniela Swain

Cinematography: Julia Swain

Poem written by Reyna Montoya 

Voice Over:  Angélica César

Everyone featured in this film is or has been impacted by the lack of immigration reform

The journey towards freedom, the struggle of undocumented students, DACA recipients and mixed immigration status families of not having the ability to vote, yet being severely impacted by elections. The resilience of the immigrant community, where they are taking action. The hope of the ALIENTO Votes campaign,  where immigrants and allies are coming together to create a path and reality that honors our dignity, our humanity, and our contributions as one community regardless of immigration status. Be part of the change and learn more at


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