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the choreographers

This BlakTinx Dance Festival, Phoenix, 2023 application process was adjudicated by Jenny Gerena, Anthony Kelly, Alicia Castro-Nascimento and Ruby Morales. We are honored to have BlakTinx past participants adjudicate the 2023 festival, from their perspective and view. This year's adjudicators had a tough job with a huge application turn out, thank you to everyone who submitted. The panelist delicately and passionately selected both the main stage show and the Emerging Artist Presentation. Thank you to our panelists for doing an outstanding job at facilitating and putting together this year's lineup. 

This year's BlakTinx Dance Festival artist are:

Ali Adelis, Bernard Brown of BBMoves, Candy Jimenez, Carla León & David Olarte, Cynthia Gutierrez of Company Movimiento, Juls Tarango & Juan Carlos Garcia Gutierrez, L. Alexander Patrick-Rolando, Renee Davis, Shayla Eshelman & Honestine Mbuyenge, an THE PACHANGA COLLECTIVE

Meet the amazing choreographers and read their bios below.

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the choreographers

 BlakTinx would like to thank and acknowledge the growing network of choreographers

that have thrilled and challenged our audiences with their original works.

Angelina Ramirez

Martha Patty Hernandez Saray

Shaniece Brazwell

Steven Redondo

Hannah Victoria

Emigdio Arredondo 

Zarina Mendoza

isiah johnson


Esteban Rosales

Alicia-Lynn Nascimento Castro
Ashley Baker

Erik Canales

Sydney Jackson

Jenny Gerena

Angel Castro

Felix Cruz

Malikah Fernandez

zakiya johnson

The imposter

RaShawn Hart

Reyna Montoya

Anthony James Kelly,

Taimy Miranda

Joan Rodriguez

Ruby Morales

Alexander Patrick

Elisa Marie Reed

Invited Los Angeles choreographers who joined us in Phoenix, Arizona:  

Bernard J. Brown, Alan Perez, Aisha Badge, Stephen Tanner, Alvin Rangel,

Michelle Funderburk, Alfonso Cervera, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier,

Irvin Gonzalez and Patty Huerta 

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