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Ni de aquí, Ni de allá 

by Nancy Rivera

Director of Photography: Kassandra Carrettini

Producers: Nancy Rivera & Kassandra Carrettini 

Choreographer: Nancy Rivera 

Editor: Kassandra Carrettini

Starring: Athena Cruz 

Dancers: Rachel Bergeron, Krystal Masteller, Mía Clark, Victoria Triggedsson and Cassidy Burroughs

Actors: Noemi Torres as Mother, Dan Lopecci as Father, Stav Ben Zur as Dance Instructor 

1st Assistant Camera: Erin Erickson 

2nd Assistant Camera: Matt Jones

Lighting Technitian: Matt Jones

AD/LP: Vivi Yupanqui 

Production Assistant: Maddie Neuville

Best Boy Grip: Joshua Tolon

Best Boy Grip #2: Jason Weiss

Best Boy Grip #3: Alejandro Borbón

Music: La gota fría by Carlos Vives, La llorona by Lila Downs, Mariposa de Coalcomán by Y la Bamba, A soft throbbing of time by Frank Bretschneider and Deixa A Girar Girar by OsTincõas


In the pursuit of a feeling of belonging we find ourselves always moving forward, escaping both realities. Through the journey we can create a space of acceptance, where we can embrace our multiple cultures, our experiences — OUR OWN REALITY. 

I'm Black | Dance Therapy

by Keilah Glover 

Choreographed by: Keilah Glover, Deonte Newell, Mychal Vandell, Heaven Lomotey and James Cleaver

Dancers: Brittney Benson, Cydney Ayrion, Marlon Jamez

Fake PD: Paige Keen and Kenneth Hall

Videographers: Johny De & Alik Tsyupa

Special thanks to Michele Hall & Chris Adams

Dance Thearapy

Dancers: Keilah Glover, Juquari Baskin, Marlon Jamez, Chris Rodriguez, Krystal Boyd, Crystal Pryor, Antoinette Scot

Videographers: Johny De 


by Melesio Aceves

Choreographer/Dancer: Melesio Anthony Aceves

Company: AkomiDance

Director/Videographer: Nick Walker

Music Title: “How’s the World Treating You” (as made famous by Elvis Presley) 

Music Artist: Cover by Daniel Agee

Plea for my people 

by Stacey Strickland Jr. 

Dancers: Harmonie Outlaw, Dylan Sanders, Stacey Strcikland Jr. and Isaiah Carson 

Videography and Editing: Stacey Strickland JR

Music: "Colors On The Ground" by Trevor Jackson, "Black Death: Spoken word" by Marquan Nesbitt(Quan The Poet), and "Wake Up" by Tobe Nwigwe. 

Additional choreography by: Harmonie Outlaw


by Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier

Choreographer: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Luis Arteaga, Emilio Manzano, and Jonathan Ramirez-Toledo

Filming: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Anita Meinken, Bodie Smith

Editor: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier

Music: mona ki ngi xica (Synapson remix) by Bonga

Filming Location: Back to the Grind Coffee House, Downtown Riverside, CA

Costumes: Rosa Rodriguez Frazier + Dancers

Lighting: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier + Bodie Smith


"Luchx" is a dance film that seeks to create a provocative, club-like queer environment where an array of non-normative femininities and masculinities can unapologetically co-exist and be celebrated at the same time. This is a dance that rejects the infinite circularity of “la lucha” (the struggle) against gender and cultural conformity, and proposes fluidity in the “x” of every ser humano who desires to express themself como el/ella/they desea (desire).⠀

Gladiolo y lirio 

by Joshua D. Estrada-Romero

Choreographer/Videographer/Dancer: Joshua D. Estrada-Romero 

Music: La Santa Cecilia

Dance passage

by Michelle Funderburk-Norris 

Director of Videography- Michelle Funderburk- Norris

Choreography: Michelle Funderburk- Norris

Performers: Mychal Vandell Harris, Michelle Funderburk-Norris, Paris Sanjurjo, Jordan Sims

Sound: Rite of Passage by Kevin Macleod 

Poetry Written and Performed by Michelle Funderburk-Norris

Editor: Francesca Lee

Videography: Michelle Funderburk- Norris


by Rosanna Tavarez

Choreographer/Dancer: Rosanna Tavarez

DP & Editor: Robbie Shaw

Music: "No Hay Tierra Como La Mia"

Music Composer/Performer: Francisco Canaro, Orquesta Francisco Canaro


Shot entirely in Rosanna Tavarez’s neighborhood of North Hollywood, this work captures the moment of its reawakening, post-pandemic lockdown. "(Re)volver" is a joyful romp through landmark areas of the NoHo Arts District danced to the playful, milonga tune “No Hay Tierra Como La Mia” by Francisco Canaro.  The solo blends traditional tango elements with contemporary dance via structured improvisation and taps into the anticipation of dancing in community once again.


muscle Memory

by Irishia Hubbard 

Dancers: Kyla Chaney, Nicole Rivor & Julienne Mackey

DP, Videographer & Editor: Irishia Hubbard 

PA: Santiago Rivera

Lighting: Ebony Madry

Music: Kitchen Talk

Music Composed by Dylan Romaine in collaboration with Irishia Hubbard 


“muscle Memory” reflects the intergenerational ties between three women and how their memories are interwoven into their home. All of their experiences live and breathe through the walls, and are symbols of history and who they are as women. The composition was recorded in part through the use of items found around the kitchen and home. 


by Primera Generación Dance Collective

Choreographer and danced by Primera Generación Dance Collective: Alfonso Cervera, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, and Patricia “Patty” Huerta

Filming: Leo Rivas, Alfonso Cervera and Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier

Editor: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier

Music: Youtube Free Music Royalty-free songs; Cumbia by Luis Escamilla; La pava by Camilo Martinez ft Shango Dely 

Text: Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, and Cherrie L. Moraga

Voices: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, and Patricia "Patty" Huerta

Music Composer & Performer: Francisco Canaro, Orquesta Francisco Canaro

Costumes: Primera Generación Dance Collective


“Rasquachencias” showcases our collective past, present, and future works to consolidate a vibrant picture of our Mexican American sociality. This piece explores the power of rasquache play, engaging the possibilities in loud colors, Latinx iconography, and recycled juxtapositions to highlight the creative survival strategies produced by the brown, working-class communities that we grew up in. 

Special Thank you 

To all the choreographers, dancers, film editors and everyone involved in making these dance films; thank you! To our mentees and administrative assistants: Irishia Hubbard and Nancy Rivera. Editor & Production Manager: Angel Castro. Graphic Designer: Monica Robles.  To our distinguished panelists:  Rhapsody James, Randé Dorn and Ericka Vaughn Byrne, thank you for your thoughtful curation of SmashCut. 

We would also like to thank the following people for their help and support of the BlakTinx Dance Festivals: The Newberg Family; Ellen Jacobs, Felicia Rosenfeld,  Dance Resource Center of LA, the Bootleg Board: Barbara Bestor, Charity Wu, Alison Dickey, Lisa Harris, Anne Alexander, Ramsey Naito, Licia Perea & Alicia Adams;  The Latina Dance Project Board: Liliana Gomez, Matthew Dieckman, Tricia Nelson, Ericka Vaughn Byrne, Jose Garcia Davis & Licia Perea.

This concert was made possible through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, The Latina Dance Project and Bootleg Theater; all listed below:

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Smash Cut is BlakTinx Dance Festivals’ third alumni concert. Smash Cut is a technique in film/video where one scene abruptly cuts to another for aesthetic, narrative or emotional impact.  BlakTinx’s third virtual concert uses this as a diving off point, embracing this genre, digging deeper into choreographic and technical experimentation.  These ten choreographers bring their individual, dynamic movement style and artistic visions to embody Smash Cut, expressing tenacity, hope, lineage, humor and surprise! Learn more about the selected artist, our production team and our panelist below. 

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