Dancing on the Edge 

A curated video collage of dance pieces created by BlakTinx choreographers living in isolation during Covid19 and honoring Black Lives Matter.  


Streaming indefinitely on our BlakTinx channel

Join us on YouTube watch all four HERE

Featuring the brilliant and powerful work of: Anthony Aceves, Bernard Brown, Sofia Carreras, Joshua Estrada-Romero, Regina Ferguson, Kassy Francis, Michelle Funderburk, Primera Generación, Nancy Rivera Gomez, Vannia Ibargüen, Irishia Hubbard,  Brigette Dunn-Korpela, Keilah Lomotey, Amber Morales, Rubi Morales, Andrea Ordaz, Yarrow Perea, Alan Perez, Dorcas Román, Eluza Santos, Stacey Strickland, Maura Townsend, Shantel Ureña, Sadie Yarrington and Briseyda Zárate

The LA Department of Cultural Affairs invited us to create this program as part of their maTCH funding.  We sent out a request to the Blaktinx choreographer alumni, and the results are breathtaking. Tune in and witness these powerful pieces as they share their personal spaces and feelings.


This project was made possible by the LA Department of Cultural Affairs


R e v i e w s 

Eva Yaa Asantewaa of InfiniteBody


Jeff Slayton of LA Dance Chronicle


dancing on the edge

the program  

State of the World

by Keilah Glover-Lomotey

dancing on the edge 

Add Water & Stir

by Brigette Dunn-Korpela

B.Dunn Movement/Dance & Theatre Company


Performers: Brance Souza-Rehearsal Director, Whitney Jackson, Cynthia Anderson,

Kestrel Leah-Actress, Dominique McDougal, Robyn O’Dell, Joan Padeo, Dion Pratt and Ashlee Williams


An investigation into aspects of human apathy and the hyper-normalization of racism that manifests through police brutality that persists in a society drenched in violent racial, cultural and gender politics. The work was created in response to the current social and political climate of increased human indifference, deafening silence of human compassion and political lunacy largely affecting the African-diaspora and people of color locally and globally. The work emerges from the escalating hostile and lethal environment that has been unapologetically unleashed since the Post-Trump election. Abstract references to the brutal killings of Tamir Rice, Emmett Till and Eric Garner are made through text and speech by the performers. The nightmare of their savage killings are juxtaposed against the backdrop of 1940-50’s visual aesthetics, cultural references and symbols of the so-called “American Dream”. 

Como los Pájaros

by Andrea Ordaz

 A.Ordaz Dance 

Music : home soundscape 

“How to describe that sound when the birds flutter like a deck of cards being shuffled? Where to find your uplift & hallelujah, hosanna & hero, campana & chorus?" - Willie Perdomo


www.andreaordaz.com // @dreaordaz

Flamenco Fallout

by Yarrow Perea

The inspiration for this piece is in the lyrics of the song, "Fallout" by Days N Daze.

“How much further do we plan to take it

Slash and burn till the planet lies vacant

And I've always heard that when it rains it pours. If we let the cops pull us over

Next they'll bust down our doors

God I hope we haven't buried ourselves too deep. Beneath a mountain of abhorrent ideas and greed. Let’s open the toolbox and build something better!”

Time up the River

by Alan Perez

performers: Robert Gomez 

Film: Christopher Lopez 

Music: Mother's Space -Troels Hammer 


"This work was influenced by members of the lLGBTQ community that had to go back to a machismo household due to Covid-19. Being forced to hide who they truly are and only able to express themselves when they are alone in their rooms. Combined along with the feeling of solitude in this difficult time." 




by Vannia Ibargüen

Choreography, performance and video edition: Vannia Ibargüen

Music: Andre Rieu
Website: www.vidadancearts.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vanniadanza
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/vanniai

"What if we leave for a second all the things we have to do? If you are a parent, like me, I'm sure adding homeschooling as a new task apart from switching your work to an online environment was not something easy. I'm sure you also would like to daydream, and jump... yes, you can do it, just be careful! Note: This was conceived, filmed and edited in May 2020."

Called to Action

by Kassy Francis

A Visual by LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNT Inspired by Song 

“Black America Again”

Artist: Common Featuring Stevie Wonder ; Excerpt from James Brown , August 1968

Words said by: Akasi Mortiga Awogny


"My feelings during this quarantine and on this day May 20th of the year 2020 are centered around this feeling of not being able to do anything after multiple announced Injust murders, trials, etc since this Quarantine started ; Nathaniel Woods, Briona Taylor , Ahmaud Aubrey, and so many more . As a Black Woman in America I am called to take action to express my feelings in processing my feelings when it comes to Social Justice and lack there of . But in my process of sorting feelings , emotions, facts, memories, triggered feelings of generational trauma , and hidden and stuffed down energy I came to the conclusion that I am an example of “Rewriting Black American History” through way of my trials and then triumphs, and living my purpose to overcome ,and still Rise knowing the memories of lost souls will never be forgotten and never in vain."



show one


by Regina Ferguson

Music: Lucille by Little Richard 


"The piece I have created is titled “Lucille”. I have created this piece to pay homage to the late Little Richard. This era of music and dance has inspired me throughout the years. I have such strong memories of listening to Little Richards music with my family. His music brings me so much joy and that is essential at this time.


Website or social media: @exploreginaa https://www.instagram.com/exploreginaa/?hl=en


by Primera Generación

Choreography & Performance: Primera Generación Dance Collective

Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Alfonso Cervera, Patricia (Patty) Huerta 

Music: “El Chivero de Tepatoche” by Panotica

Text: “Chi-Chen-Itza” by Maria Lopez; “On the Deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos” by Irvin Manuel Gonzalez 

Video Editing: Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier


IG: primerageneraciondance 

FB: facebook.com/primerageneraciondance

Sacred Matters

by Irishia Hubbard

The Hubbard Collective 

Performers: Akinoyla Adabale, David Lee, Dominik Haws, Irishia Hubbard, Edgar Aguirre, Eric Whitehurst, Julienne Mackey, Nicole Rivor, Noelle White, Ogelle Johnson and Tarra Laperdon



"You Don't Hear No Drums" by Wynton Marsalis

"God Don't Like Ugly" by Wynton Marsalis

"Representative Offerings" by Wynton Marsalis Septet "I See The Light" by Wynton Marsalis Septet 


This piece depicts stories that have deeply affected the black community, such as the death of Tamir Rice, the Charleston church shooting, the injustice of the prison system, and the Black Lives Matter movement. I created this piece hoping to reach an audience who may not otherwise listen to our stories.


Instagram and Facebook: 



by Dorcas Román

Danced by Dorcas Roman

Music by Diego Romero “ Una Voz”

Camera: Nicholas C Roman

Edited by: Dorcas Román

Thanks to Nicholas (my son) for being the best quarantine partner ever and keeping me sane. Thank you Diego for giving me a piece of music that would inspire and nurture me allowing me to move and get in touch with my soul. Thank you Licia, Jose and Alicia for making our community stronger by providing a platform for us Black and Latinx artists to share our creativity and voice with others.


by Amber Morales

Performers: Vanessa Cruz, Amber Morales

Videographers: Nancy Cruz, Crystal Morales

Editor: Amber Morales

Music: “Volver Volver” by Vicente Fernández 

Social Media: @amburrrrrrrrrrrito @galaxiesdance @groovy_crystal_ball @euphoria.pluviophile  

Baile de Cuarentena

by Briseyda Zárate



In this time of essential needs I count Flamenco as one of mine. In “Baile de Cuarentena” I use simple and percussive Flamenco movements that express fear, courage, desperation and hope.  I’ve chosen to surrender to the limitations of Covid-19 poses for me as a Flamenco Dancer. I have stripped down to the bare bones minimum - No costuming except for a mask that makes it hard to breathe while dancing, no footwork because I can’t disturb my neighbors and the heart aching void of a live Flamenco Guitar & Singer leaves me with a haunting repetitive “apocalyptic” sounding compas/rhythm to dance to.



by Michelle Funderburk - Norris

Music: Anchor by Novo Amor

Dancers: Chantel Davis, Mychal Vandell Harris, Porsche Norman and Stephanie Ortiz

"Moments during this pandemic has caused many of us to take pause in our lives to reflect, relate and rediscover our purpose, journey and spiritual path. Stillness in the storm. Who and what "anchors" our souls? What experiences shall we have with our "new normal?"The blood gives me strength, healing, restoration, Thank you for my life."

show two

Leanin' In

by Bernard Brown

Bernard Brown/bbmoves

“Leanin’ In”

Choreographed and performed by Bernard Brown

Music: “Leanin’ In” by Steven T. Gordon

Danca, Musicorum, Ritmo

by Joshua Estrada-Romero

Music: Faraualla
Dancers: Leann Alduenda, Chandler Davids, Samuel DeAngelo, Kathy Duran, Stormy Gaylord, Stephanie Lin, Joseph Lister, Edward Salas

Instagram: @fusedancecompanyinc

Without a Mask

by Anthony Aceves

Videography by Nick Walker

Music James Bay, Let It Go

"This piece reminisces about the typical social interactions we’ve lost, it makes a pathway through frustration, loneliness, and reluctance. It also magnifies the idea of a time for self exploration, self-doubt, and self dependence. However, impossible as it may seem, goodness can always be found in the outcome of adversity. And this time for us to slow down, this time for us to reflect, and this time for us to let go what we think we need and depend on, can also be a time for us to grow. "

Stained Concrete

by Stacey Strickland Jr.

Performers: Kimiko McCarthy, Jennifer Bulger, Ajah Muhammad, Jamie Mick-Burton, Stacey Strickland Jr.

"This piece is directly in alignment with Black Lives Matter; in tribute to those lost and the hope of a better tomorrow" 

Time Up the River

by Alan Perez

performers: Robert Gomez 

Film: Christopher Lopez 

Music: Mother's Space -Troels Hammer 


"This work was influenced by members of the lLGBTQ community that had to go back to a machismo household due to Covid-19. Being forced to hide who they truly are and only able to express themselves when they are alone in their rooms. Combined along with the feeling of solitude in this difficult time." 



Las Vidas Negras Importan

by Shantel Ureña

 “Quarantine has brought us into ourselves and revealed what has always been simmering underneath. The flaws within a system not made to serve ALL of its people but only benefit, uphold and protect a specific community has come to light during this pandemic. The African-American community has one of the highest death rates due to COVID-19, and the health care system has failed the African-American community, yet again. In this time, Ive found myself feeling frustrated within my own Latinx community. Hearing things like, “that isn’t our problem, I’m tired of seeing this same conversation every day.” 

This is my response as a way to move forward.

Thank you to the Black and Brown organizers and the organizations that work tirelessly day in and day out who work towards undoing racism and uplift marginalized communities. Thank you to the frontline workers who held it down throughout this Global Pandemic. 

Song by Bill Withers, Lean on Me

Rest In Love and Peace

Reflections on May 28,2020

by Sadie Yarrington

Written, filmed & edited by Sadie Yarrington 


"I was feeling too heavy with grief to make a dance film so instead I brought some writing to life. This piece is a gathering of thoughts & moments from May 28th, 2020. The gentle process of writing, capturing and editing turned out to be very therapeutic for my body & spirit."

Instagram: @saydjane  

show three

Under the Boot

by Sofia Carreras

We present Sofia Carreras' piece "Under the Boot" in loving memory of her incredible, sensitive yet driving voice!  

We lost an important artistic vision, educator, mentor, colleague and friend earlier this year to cancer.  Sofia presented in our first BlakTinx Festival in 2013 and has been part of BKTX for 5 out of the 8 years that we have been doing this festival at the Bootleg Theater and now online.  She always brought her passion, professionalism and energy anywhere she was.  We always welcomed her to Bootleg and BlakTinx with open arms over the years.  

Sofia Carreras and her artistry reached many people across the dance world. Beyond her international reach, she created, maintained, and nourished a community of dancers in the Inland Empire, fiercely and fearlessly shaping young artists looking for a safe space to grow. Among these places was Intersect Dance Theatre (IDT), which became like home to many dancers. 

I only had the privilege of dancing for Sofia between 2015-2016, but witnessed her influence in the many amigxs who formed part of IDT over the years. Sofia had this inspiring way of seeing someone’s soul and calling it out to creatively play. And as a queer, Latinx body seeking place in dance, I was able to call IDT home, and had the honor to shape my creative genius and potential through Sofia's guidance. Her friendship and teachings endure to date. 

Le doy gracias for the countless hours of dance, for the enormous pieces of advice, for training me, for the coffees, for the dates, and most of all, for creating a viable space for the communal gathering of bodies in the IE seeking to find, know, and hone their potential.

Until we meet again, querida Sofia. Rest in power.  Licia Perea and Irvin Gonzalez


by Nancy Rivera Gomez

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nfrgmx/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nfrgdance/

"These times are like solving a puzzle, a puzzle of myself, of my life, of my aspirations, of my priorities. This work is inspired by the lack of creativity I have been facing over this time. The struggle for my mind to focus on the positive, and the challenge of understanding myself while spending these times alone. Focusing is something with two faces, the good and the bad, so which one are you focus on?"


by Amber Morales

Performer: Amber Morales
Videographer: Crystal Morales
Editor: Amber Morales
Music: “Think” by Aretha Franklin
Social Media: @amburrrrrrrrrrrito @groovy_crystal_ball

Pendulum A Call for Change

by Maura Townsend

Dancing on the Edge

Everything Passes

by Eluza Santos

Music: "Como uma Onda", by Lulu Santos and Nelson Motta
Video and Voice: Robert (Bob) Russ

"I have been experiencing an unsettling and sad feeling with the global situation at the moment... but also hope! The pertinent lyrics and groovy beat in the song "Como uma Onda" remind us that life means
constant change. It's like the waters of the sea and its waves. This will pass -- All this has to pass." 


FB: https://www.facebook.com/eluza.santos.7  

IG:   https://www.instagram.com/santoseluza/ 

What the Hell is Going On

by Rubí Danielle Morales 

Videographer: Crystal Morales 

Music: “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap 

Insta: rubi_so_oh

FB: https://m.facebook.com/rubi.morales.37?ref=bookmarks

Insula / Island

by Bernard Brown

Bernard Brown/bbmoves

Choreographed, performed, filmed and edited by Bernard Brown

Music: “insula,” “before you go” and “and so I come to isolation” by Moses Sumney


A return to what is truly important is imperative during this time of uncertainty. "As I “shelter-in-place,” bell hooks’ conceptualization of looking inward inspires me to practice truly loving myself as it impacts all things, every relationship thereafter."

show four

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