A new video choreographic project 

for all Los Angeles alumni BlakTina/BlakTinx choreographers!

What does it mean to be at home dealing with Covid 19 as a choreographer, performer, artistic director of a company?

The City of LA Cultural Affairs Dept. has given us an opportunity and challenge to create video performance statements that we will be streaming on several different sites - BlakTinx YouTube, the City of LA

and the Bootleg Theater! 

Deadline for submissions is MAY 20TH!!


The Criteria 

1.  Respond to what you’re feeling as we “shelter-at-home” during Covid 19.  Conceptualize, choreograph, direct, and in all ways engage in the creation of a 3 minute or less video that expresses how you feel right now and what we’re all going through.  Feel free to use music, silence or text.


2.  This is a SITE SPECIFIC PIECE created, performed and shot at your home. Be creative and use any room (s), yard, garage ETC at YOUR HOME.  You can use people who live there with you OR make a solo OR make a dance with your company, having them shoot your choreography or prompts at THEIR homes and you edit it together to submit.  Experiment - explore shooting coverage and employing multiple camera angles….  Use quick cuts, speed ramps… circle the dance, invite the camera inside of the dance.  Try not to only use frontal coverage if possible.


3.  Try to capture the feeling of the dance and what you're experiencing during this "shelter-at-home" & social distancing.


4.  DEADLINE is MAY 20TH!!  Email videos to both Licia and Jose:  jgarciadavis@gmail.com   liciaperea01@gmail.com 


5.  This is a project through the Department of Cultural Affairs of LA so I will be able to pay each BlakTinx choreographer $100 minimum.  If fewer than all 44 alumni submit that artist honorarium could go up. 


6.  We will be posting through the DCA site, BlakTinx YouTube & website beginning in June.

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